Why you should shop ethically for vegan cosmetics

Why you should shop ethically for vegan cosmetics

When it comes to buying cosmetics, choosing vegan cosmetics is not only the more ethical option but it can often be the better quality option too. Vegan makeup is becoming more commonplace these days, with most high-street shops choosing to stock them due to pressure from campaigners and a general raising of the public’s awareness of cruelty free makeup brands and manufacturers. Cruelty free products come in all shapes and sizes to, it’s no longer just lipstick and other makeups but things like hair spray and other styling products used to be tested on animals too which not many people were aware of.

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Vegan mascara in particular has seen a huge boost in sales after several successful campaigns by some high profile celebrities who have recently got behind the cause. Vegan beauty products usually display clearly their cruelty free credentials so it’s usually pretty easy to spot when you are buying something that has been ethically sourced.

Vegan Cosmetics are often better than their counterparts

The encouraging thing about cosmetics not tested on animals and vegan cosmetics are that they are often found to be better quality that their non cruelty free makeup counterparts. The reason for this is fairly simple to understand, a lot of care goes into the testing of the materials being used which mean a greater level of scrutiny has been carried out on the product during the testing phase. The best cruelty free makeup and cosmetics are ones that are in the mid-tier price bracket. It’s true that you can pay a lot of money for some of the highest quality brands but you do tend to reach the point of diminishing returns when you do this.

Be sure next time that you’re shopping for animal testing free products that you ask the store advisor prior to making your purchase to ensure that you’re definitely getting the right products.